How To Login To WhatsApp Web And Use On Your Computer

How To Login To WhatsApp Web And Use On Your Computer

WhatsApp Web Login
WhatsApp Web Login

The Original WhatsApp web-based client has performed it simple to use my cell phone’s WhatsApp account on a PC utilizing a web browser. Earlier WhatsApp web not capable of editing account settings because it’s not secure, though you are capable of changing status, settings and profile from the web platform. There are many features on the web app such as send media files, background notification, send documents directly from your PC memory and more. Once you sign in via QR code, it will help you to create all settings from web users. A logout button arrives next to the top drop menu on WhatsApp Web, which manages your web session and stays secure.

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These are several specifications in order to handle WhatsApp web on your PC:

  • A Device Operating WhatsApp.
  • Web browser.
  • The latest version of WhatsApp in Phone
  • Mobile data connection on the telephone who’s managing WhatsApp.

Immediate Start WhatsApp Web Login

First of all, you want to update WhatsApp latest version, after updating you need to click your WhatsApp after that menu button then select your WhatsApp web. Currently, your mobile camera is switch On and you want to scan QR code from your phone through the camera. The QR code is auto-generated from the WhatsApp web page as you visit.
From the QR code, The Whatsapp automatically Sync all your data, communication data from your computer’s web browser.
whatsapp web login chat
whatsapp web login chat


To control your notifications, just touch the top menu button > click Notifications. If you want to change the notification time, You can change, anything you need from the day, week and hour.

whatsapp web app notifications-settings
whatsapp web app notifications settings

Checkout the Screenshot of message notification,

Desktop notify web whatsapp notification
Desktop notify web whatsapp notification

Transfer Media Files From your Computer

There are many ways to send media files or transfer the files through Videos to your connections from your computer storage, Images, you want to just take larger files from your computer storage.

whatsapp web send
whatsapp web send

Change Profile picture from the status

whatsapp web profile change
whatsapp web profile change

Select the profile image and change your current profile icon or status into the web client. if you want to download your profile picture in all size, then you can download the picture from google, upload an image from your computer, or directly take a picture from your webcam.

Select chat background

you can change the chat background from settings, select chat wallpaper and change the wallpaper of background from the mobile app. But you not eligible to change the colors.

WhatsApp Web FAQ

WhatsApp web taking too much time to generate QR code?

Sometimes it perseveres, but you can solve this issues by refreshing the web page or you can clear the browser cache.

I didn’t understand WhatsApp Web in my App?

If you to apply this feature you want to download the latest version from google play store or you have already installed the Whatsapp than you need to update the app from play store.

For more details, visit WhatsApp Web Faq.