How to Generate Leads Using Google Adwords

How to Generate Leads Using Google Adwords

How to generate Leads Using Google Adwords
How to generate Leads Using Google Adwords

There are many marketers have written about Google Adwords as means of generating leads. This is usually due to the reality that Google is a much stricter, in terms of the landing pages it allows.

You cannot become beyond with a ‘tiny’ landing page that would reasonably act on Facebook, for example.

For Through if you examine to – Google banned you account and disapproved your ads if you continue the same mistake.

Google isn’t against to users getting leads, though, and the platform has the ability to provide best reasonable leads your way. In the knowledge of this, we’re performing to examine, in this article, how you can go regarding generating leads using Adwords.

The techniques we are going to cover will gather throughout systems that are feasible with Google’s policies.

Of major, nothing is guaranteed – you need to check the current Google policies always.

Still, what we are cover in this post will be perfect, if you want to generate leads using Adwords.

Setup landing page as google friendly

There are two important points that you need to care when advertising on Google Adwords.

1) Landing Page Experience

2) Google’s Policies

If you need to approve your landing page you should take care for this points.

Landing page experience is simple for users to use.

Here is the view of Google landing page experience.

Google landing page experience
Google landing page experience

You must sure that you simply define what is offered and why you are offering it.

The best simple way to contact you, make assured that you present phone numbers, email address on your landing page.

You need to check that is no exit popup on your landing page.

You also need to check the navigation link that visitor can easily accessible.

you also need to check page loading, it’s a matter a lot. you can check from google speed performance tools called PageSpeed Insights.

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